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90’s Week: Nancy’s Lists

Well since Colin decided to rip me apart in his 90’s week post, I guess I’ll do the same. Colin:
You suck.


10. My Brother and Me
I can only remember a few particular scenes from this hella African Nick classic. I’m sure it isn’t as good as I remember.

9. Are You Afraid of the Dark?
I don’t think I ever watched a whole episode. Scary shit.

8. Kenan & Kel
Had to turn this show off too. Too much mischevious humor.

7. Angry Beavers
I seem to recall I’m the only person that liked this show. I was always impressed by how sweet their dam was.

6. Rugrats
This show taught me everything I needed to know about the Jewish faith.

5. Rocko’s Modern Life
This show was hella weird now that I think about it. It seems like animators are not as demented as they used to be.

4. All That
I was ALL ABOUT All That.

3. Almost Live
I wish I was cool enough to watch it when it was on.

2. Frasier
A nightly tradition in our Central Household, this show makes me proud to be from Seattle.

1. Seinfeld


10. Dr. Dre-The Chronic
Happy Birthday Jon.

9. Guns N’ Roses- Use Your Illusions I & II
These albums rock hella hard.

8. Green Day- .nimrod
Almost as good as Dookie. Almost.

7. Pearl Jam-Ten
The only Pearl Jam album I’ve heard. Seems like a necessary buy for a grunge kid.

6. Nirvana-Unplugged in NY
One of my favorite albums, acoustic or not, of all time.

5. Belle & Sebastian-If You’re Feeling Sinister
The predecessor to all modern indie music.

4. Green Day-Dookie
Better than .nimrod. Better.

3. Foo Fighters-The Colour and the Shape
They used to be so good! SO GOOD!

2. Bright Eyes-Letting Off the Happiness
Cat Fancy’s ignorance of this band cannot go on much longer! Go listen!

1. Nirvana-Nevermind
I guess there is an underlying Nirvana love-fest theme sweeping through 90’s week. Except for you Sean. Damn you.

Sorry for the weak/late post. But hey! It’s my birthday soon. Thanks to everyone for the great posts all week long. It was really fun to relive my life through these posts, because sure as hell can’t remember it myself.


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