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Post Movie Bullet Points: 2001: A Space Odyssey

I just finished 2001, and I thought I’d share my experience through a series of bullet points. These thoughts may or may not be in chronological order and may or may not have to do with the movie.

  • These monkeys rock.
  • Whats with that black thing?
  • These monkeys are bad ass.
  • I wanna see space chimps.
  • Wait, no I don’t.
  • Where the hell is Buster?
  • How come these two douches aren’t sleeping?
  • HAL is a little bitch.
  • This score rocks
  • The Superman theme rocks.
  • Not really about the last half hour of this.
  • That first ship kinda looks like an escape pod.
  • This looks sweet.

All in all pretty sweet movie. See you next time.

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