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Softball Season Preview

The Bulls of the 90’s. The Steelers of the 70’s. The Yankees of the 20th Century. All dynasties have to start somewhere. Here, one more is born. I give you the unofficially named Fancy Spartans.
Starting Pitcher: Ben Tole
Weighing in at a hefty 350 pounds, Big Ben has an variety of tools in his pitching arsenal including the MeatBall, Curve, Cutter, and the infamous Knuckle Curve.

Catcher: Oliver McIntosh
The only international import, this Englishman has the intelligence to call the game and the physical prowess that this position demands.

Corner Infielder/Outfield: Will McKenney
Batting .413 for Tacoma Community College, Big Bill brings a big bat for the team as well as a versatile glove.

Corner Infielder/DH: Sean Lemme
Battling Big Sexy in the height department, Lemme’s sweet swing is sure to benefit from the transition from Wiffle Ball to Softball.

Corner Infielder/DH: James Whelan
This lazy SOB quit baseball last year because he didn’t want to play the field. He’ll be sure to get his AB’s and plenty of appearances in the field for the team.

Middle Infielder: Jon Cleveland
Moving from the lead-off spot to the number two hole really helped the Clever become an intracal part of the Stick Bugs Inaugural season.

Middle Infielder: Brian Rowley
Best known for dunking off Oliver’s back, he showed his abilities on and off the Wiffle Ball field.

Manager/Utility: Matt Carstens
After a grueling season of managing the Stick Bugs his knees could be a concern this season. But what Jose Vidro can do, he can do better.

Left Fielder: John Otteni
John Otteni showed some Kenji-like dead pull power on the Wiffle Ball field, and was always reliable in the field.

Center Fielder: Colin Wessman
A natural born athlete, Colin has the range and the fundamentals to be a leader in the outfield.

Right Field: Hussein Zayan
Hussein has absolute power with his sweet stroke, and a canon in right field will help him lead the league in assists.

Rover: Will Dornes
Rover is one of the most important positions, and we’re privileged to have his speed gobbling up potential base hits in the shallow outfield.

Just remember to buy your season tickets soon.