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Go M’s

One thing I love to do is find music on my own. Whether it’s staying up all week watching Conan hoping for a glimpse of a promising new band, or exploring the family tree’s of bands members and producers. I recently borrowed a the latest Decemberists album “Crane Wife” and have to say it is one of the better works of this decade. They take on a whole persona of mariners writing indie rock music with mermaids and all sorts of nonsense. But the stories though sometimes eerie are set to beautiful arrangements and are worth listening to over and over and over again.

But before I get ahead of myself, the reason I am here is because of Laura Viers. I found her in the linear notes of Crane Wife when I heard her do a duet called “Yankee Bayonet”. So I looked her up on myspace. I was skeptical at first but decided to blow some of my iTunes gift card money on her latest album, “Salt Breakers”. I’ve listened to it nearly 30 times in the last week and I just cannot get enough. My iPod is on repeat, so everytime it starts over I think, “I should really listen to something different.” But I am so content with these easy going melodies, fitting harmonies, and cheap percussion, I just leave it be.

All this rambling might just be part of my Avril obsession, but who knows, I just might be on to something.