The guys at Mildly Pleased love music so much they even make some of their own. If you’re so inclined, we urge you check out these bands. After all, what have you got to lose?


Poon was formed in the mid 1970s after budding guitarist Chet Stroker placed a music ad in then popular magazine “Malt Liquor Monthly.” The ad caught the attention of vocalist/guitarist Lesley Quartermaine and drummer/Native American rights activist Rick Boner then playing in the band Fudgecake. Former Anacondom bassist Izzy Cumming soon joined and the group “Poon” was formed. Poon found instant success in the late 70s with a string of critically acclaimed albums, renowned stage shows, and popular line of interactive sex dolls.

By the mid 80s the band saw a commercial decline plagued by incessant drug use and STDs. The final nail in the coffin came when Izzy Cumming quit to become a satanic rights activist. The band released one more album in 1991 “Drinkin’ and a Drivin”, but it was instantly panned for it’s pro-drunk driving message. The band disbanded in 1992 to purse other interests (mostly drug related).

Stroker, Quartermaine, and Boner reformed in 2011 alongside bassist Buster Cherry to release the compilation EP “Get Some”. Tragically, Cherry died from a ham overdose on the eve of the band’s reunion tour. He was subsequently replaced by veteran bassist Peter Cream. Poon continues to record and tour to this day, still upholding their title as the “sexiest band in the world.”[hr]In 2011, a series of lost recordings were found in the dark, dingy basement of Dick Furari’s summer home. Poon fans rejoiced as the recordings were uploaded to the Internets, including such hits as “Rock Gospel”, “ Wichita” and the tender ballad “Virginia”.

Check out the music on Bandcamp.

The Defenestrators

The original, award-winning group anchored by Mildly Pleased staffers Matt Carstens, John Otteni and Colin Wessman. In the group’s lengthy history, they have produced a number of albums, most recently Shouting Whispers featuring long-time collaborator Max Brockman.

Shouting Whispers (2010)
1. Take in Vain
2. Ramona, Ramona
3. Coming Around
4. People I Know
5. Even the Lonely
6. Means to an End
7. Dark Nite
8. Northern Lights
9. Violet Ray Machine
10. Lose My Way

Backbeat (2008)
1. Inside Out
2. Take My Hand
3. Rosemarie
4. If…
5. Is This Love Concrete?
6. Blue-Eyed Soul
7. 1964
8. Looking for You
9. Backbeat
10. High Noon


Putting the “I don’t actually know how to make music” back in electronic I don’t actually know how to make music, The Sean Lemme Experience, or SLXP remains the most enigmatic musical project at Mildly Pleased. Much is wondered, much is asked, little is answered. It’s not music, it’s an experience.

Check out the music at the official website.