John’s Top Ten Movies of 2017

It’s weird that 2017 was a down year at the box office. Weird because I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed so many mainstream blockbusters. Even second-tier stock like the third Thor film was great–no offense Thor. My favorite genre, horror, is thriving thanks to high concepts and modest budgets. Indie and foreign movies are as insightful as always and animation is in a good place too, minus that movie where Patrick Stewart plays a piece of shit.

Yet theaters are struggling. The landscape is changing. Whether or not this is good or bad is yet to be known. Will multiplexes vanish over the next decade? Will streaming reign supreme? Hey, as long as the movies are good I’m happy. Here are ten movies from this year (plus a few others) I thought were good.

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The Sixth Annual Mildly Pleased Awards

The time has come again for another Mildly Pleased Awards and my body is willing but my spirit is broken. The idea of an awards show for the stuff that doesn’t stand out, for the forgotten middle, feels like it’s at its most inessential after a full year of blasting moderates and centrists for allowing bullshit to bulldoze us. So let’s dispel the notion that this is anything but three friends taking a chance to talk about art that otherwise would go undiscussed. Because yeah, Brett Ratner jokes aren’t as funny anymore and tomorrow sounds a lot scarier than it did a few years ago, but this is still our lives, damnit! Now that we’re into 2018, I take to heart this advice from Hurray for the Riff Raff: “do your best but fuck the rest, be something.”

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Shape of You

The Shape of Water

Earlier this year, Universal Pictures unveiled their plans for a “Dark Universe”. This entailed a series of reboots of classic Universal Monster films like The Mummy, Bride of Frankenstein, The Invisible Man, and The Creature from the Black Lagoon. Like The Marvel Universe, all of these characters would interact with each other in various ways in a shared continuity.

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Colin’s Top 10 TV Shows of 2017

I’ll be honest, my enthusiasm for TV definitely started to wane a bit this past year. Which isn’t to say I watched any less TV than the past few years. In fact, looking at the amount of shows I watched last year and the year before, I watched as much TV as I ever have. And yet, TV just didn’t seem to mean as much in 2017. Maybe you can blame that on the fact that there is so god damn much TV out there now, so it somewhat cheapens quality television. Or maybe its because there was lot of good TV last year, but not a ton of great TV. But, that said, a lot of good TV is nothing to complain about, and here’s the goodest of the good. Continue reading

John’s Top Ten TV Shows of 2017

TOO. MANY. SHOWS! I had to marathon multiple shows just today to finish this list. It’s getting to the point where I feel bad for skipping out on shows like The Good Place or falling behind on Better Call Saul, both shows I know I would and do like. But the TV landscape has turned into some kind of entertainment-based shark. Which means if you don’t stop swimming you’ll get left in its bloody wake. Let’s do this!

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Sean’s Top 10 TV Shows of 2017

I went into 2017 hoping that The Defenders would live up to Daredevil and Jessica Jones, and it really didn’t. Harmonquest‘s second season was a disappointment, but at least it survived the Seeso-geddon which has denied the world an already completed second season of Take My Wife. And then there was the longest, most inexplicable hiatus in Steven Universe history, right when we needed it least. Yes, there were many disappointments in the last year of TV, but there was even more to enjoy. Here, let me list 15 great shows to prove my point.

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