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Some Kind of Movie – Ep 1: Argo F#@k Yourself

I wanted to try something different with movie reviews here at Mildly Pleased. So here’s a podcast review I like to call “Some Kind of Movie.” You know, like Some Kind of Monster, but with more Ben Affleck. I am joined by my friend and fellow film aficionado Michael Sevigny. This week were talking about the latest political-thriller Argo from actor-director Ben Affleck. We’ll also be talking about Oscar gold, other Ben Affleck roles, and why David O. Russell is insane. Were still finding our footing with the format of this segment, but I think it’s nice change of pace from written reviews. The podcast runs about 30 minutes. Enjoy it or Argo F#&k yourself.

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  1. Just listened. My rambling aside, it was pretty damn cool! If the rest of the MP crew is down with it, I’d love to do another.

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