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This week we’re talkin’ baseball in honor of the plethora of sports going on now by taking a look at a movie celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, 42. It’s a movie that’s plenty likable but probably could’ve been better if it had been put in the hands of a director more distinct than Hollywood journeyman Brian Helgeland. We also share our thoughts on baseball movies as a whole as well as our favorites (and not-quite favorites) of what very well may be the sport that translates best to movies. Also, John taste tests some new flavors of Doritos on mic, so there’s your trigger warning if you find the sound of people eating off-putting.

Colin’s Little Pick: Showing Up (Movie)
Sean’s Little Pick: Guardians of the Galaxy (Movie)
John’s Little Pick: Hot Mustard and Tangy Ketchup Doritos (Snack)