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Mint Field – Pasar de las Luces

Mint Field are a shoegaze/dream pop/not quite Sigur Ros-style band from Tiajuanna who put our the debut album in February of this year. And it’s a super February album, with lush, vast soundscapes apparently written to express the hopelessness that is such a part of the public consciousness today. At least, that’s how it makes me feel, which meant this album left my mind for a while and recently reappeared in my rotation as the skies got dark and cold again these last couple months.

I compare Mint Field to Sigur Ros specifically, instead of just noise pop, because of the band’s sparring use of vocals, many of which sound like they might not even be words. It is in Spanish though, maybe someone who speaks that language would have a better sense of it. Still, I was looking for a new Slowdive to carry me through 2018, and Mint Field was it.

Favorite Tracks: “Ojos en el Carro,” “Quiero Ontono de Nuevo,” “Club de Chicas”