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The Fifth Annual Mildly Pleased Awards

If you’re being honest, do all the non-Oscars movie awards shows matter to you? Do you care about the various guilds’ picks? What about lists from critics, newspapers, and blogs? Certainly you don’t care about the Golden Globes, right? Not really, at least, because all those people are going to be talking about the same 10 or so movies which are undeniably great. And that’s true, to a lesser extent, in pretty much every medium.

That is why, for five years now, the Mildly Pleased Awards have celebrated the “good, not great” works that would otherwise go forgotten. After all, everyone one of us just lived through a whole 365 days of 2016. If we were to just talk about the 10 good days, it wouldn’t really do the year justice, would it? So join us as we count down the most OK video games, music, TV, and film from the last year. Oh, and hit the jump to check out our viral video nominees… They’re fine!

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Viral Video Nominees
Baby Vomits Everywhere While Lions Are Walking By
Chuck E Cheese Challenge
Dressing up as dog’s favorite toy
Drunk guy can’t get out of cardboard box

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