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Hey, wow, did you see those album lists we did? Well, expect more where that came from. A lot more. Well, wait. Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. After all, our sort-of slogan is “Lower your expectations.” And you know, sometimes I forget to do that. Every year I find myself getting crushed because I’m disappointed the latest big budget action movie isn’t the next Citizen Kane or the new Jack White album isn’t simultaneously a return to White Stripes form while an invention of something provocative and genre-defying. Sometimes stuff’s just stuff, and I’ve got to deal with it. And that’s what the Mildly Pleased Awards are all about.

Join us as we discuss the most acceptable stuff of 2014. The video games, TV shows, albums, movies and more that are flawed, but not irredeemable. And I mean, aren’t we all? Maybe it’s time we stop chasing some delusion of perfection and start looking for the beauty within the mundane. Because life’s too short and too sad to not at least laugh at how nuts Russel Crowe gets in Noah.

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