in Podcast

In an effort to remain a contributing member to Mildly Pleased, I and my fellow film friend-o Michael Sevigny have decided to put together a ‘lil podcast. “Stream Police” is a movie review podcast with a bit of a twist. The twist being that our movie choices will be completely in the cold calculating hands of the Netflix Randomizer. Every episode we will click the randomizer three times and have to pick one of the films Netflix recommends for us.

On the inaugural episode of “Stream Police”, Michael and I will be reviewing the 2012 Tom Cruise vanity project Jack Reacher. We will also briefly discuss the latest “song” from former alt-rock heroes Weezer. I’d like to thank Mildly Pleased for allowing us to put this up here. Maybe other Mildly Pleasers will show up on future episodes? Who know! Stay tuned for more streamy goodness, Otteni out.