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Volcano Choir – Repave

When it comes to Bon Iver, you’ll either find their music beautiful or boring and pretentious. Volcano Choir, the band combining Bon Iver’s frontman Justin Vernon with members of Collections of Colonies of Bees, doesn’t have that problem. That, by all accounts, is due to Vernon’s smaller role in this band – allegedly he just serves as the lyricist and vocalist. That means that Volcano Choir is able to sound more like a band and less like an indecipherable man who lives alone. Not that Vernon’s lyrics aren’t still tricky to suss out based purely on listening, but it surely helps when the rest of the group sings along with him. Repave is an album I’ve really liked from the first listen, but not in any special or remarkable way, which is why I never got around to reviewing it. But if you ever listened to Bon Iver and thought they would be better if they rocked a bit more, there’s this. Why don’t you check out the YouTube video after the break, if you dig it, there are seven more of those on the album.