in Shocktober

What a month! So many spooky movies so many emotions (mostly fear). In honor of Shocktober, I give you my breakdown of my favorite 2000s horror movies I reviewed this year, my least favorite and everything in between. It was quite a year and I can only imagine what wicked things may come next year.

Five Favorite
5. Drag Me to Hell
Gross-out fun and laugh-out fun, one of Sam Raimi’s best in years.

4. REC
Gritty, punchy and to the point. REC is one of the scariest movies I’ve ever seen.

3. The Orphanage
Heartbreaking and eerily beautiful, The Orphange is the best movie Guillermo Del Toro never made.

2. Let the Right One In
An amazing looking film with a tender story, that just happens to be wrapped up in fountains and fountains of gore.

1. The Host
It’s got laughs and scares, but it’s the family story at the heart of the film that makes it so memorable.

Five Least Favorite
5. Freddy vs. Jason
It’s kind of funny but that doesn’t saving it from being an embarrassment to these once scary characters.

4. Human Centipede: First Sequence

3. Alien vs. Predator
Almost as good as playing with a kid’s action figures, meaning bad.

2. Cabin Fever
Bad characters in a by-the-numbers cliche gore-fest, yawn.

1. Hostel
Senseless violence with no real purpose or redeeming qualities, blegh.

Biggest Surprise
The Orphanage – I had no idea this movie was so thoughtful and strategic in its storytelling decisions. More people need to see this.

Biggest Disappointment
The Descent – Great premise and some neat effects but fairly typical by the midpoint.

Favorite Performance
Bruce Campbell in Bubba Ho-Tep – He’s got the style and swagger but can also handle the softer moments. Viva Bruce Campbell.

Favorite Makeup Effects
Slither – Original and endlessly disgusting. Goopy job!

Scariest Film
REC – Like a non-stop scary spook house. I’m still not sure if I’m ready for it again.

Most Bizarre
Human Centipede: First Sequence – The less said the better.

Most Mentioned
Guillermo Del Toro – Directed The Devil’s Backbone and produced two others on the list (The Orphanage and Splice). It’s hard to think of many other directors with the same level of imagination.

The Most 2000s
Final Destination – Just looking at it takes me back to the time of boy bands and frosted hair. What a time to be alive… Or in this case dead.