in Shocktober

Look who’s back rearing it’s ugly face and fangs! Yes, Shocktober is here! The monsterfully magical time of year where I spend 31 days reviewing 31 horror movies. This year recognizes the best, worst, and weirdest from 2000 to 2009. “Why the 2000s when you have fifty something years of horror movies to pick from?” Well, I’ve always been under the opinion that as independent cinema has become more accesible in the past decade to more aspiring filmmakers, we’ve seen a rise in a new and original ideas. The results have been a batch of frightfully fresh horror movies from the states and across the pond. You’ll see me revisit old favorites, overlooked gems, and maybe a few films I won’t be able to stomach. So take a seat and let the scares seep in, it’s Shocktober!

  1. Can’t wait to see Shocktober’s long overdue coverage of Freddie vs. Jason.

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