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Kings of Leon – Mechanical Bull

I’m tired of this shit. Ever since that fuckin’ “Use Somebody” song everything has been downhill. This band used to have swagger, melody, they used to be fun. Now Kings of Leon is the official soundtrack to beer swilling, Abercrombie and Fitch wearing, teens with hot problems. Remember when KoL were a bunch of dirty looking hippies that played garage rock? Songs like “Molly’s Chambers” and “Four Kicks” were keyed up fist pumpers I was proud to blast in my shitty Dodge Stratus.

Even the band’s ballads in those days had a backbone. 2003’s “California Waiting” may be KoL at their most poignant and potent. Because of the Times was the last KoL album I liked. That was six years and over three albums ago. These days it’s all four chord pabulum, nothing that challenges or engages the listener in any particular way.

Before I continue this urine stream of sadness I will say one thing, I like the single. I don’t love it, but “Supersoaker” was enough for me to at least humor Mechanical Bull. So I can at least recommend the first three minutes and fifty seconds of this album. The rest feels just as mechanical as its namesake. Like a bunch of robots who don’t know what true emotion is attempted to write rock songs. Take the song “Rock City”, are you fucking kidding me? They named a song “Rock City”?!?

Maybe Mechanical Bull is better than Come Around Sundown, but that’s like saying being stabbed is better than being shot. Yet somehow, this band remains in the limelight. “Wait for Me” is alternative radio’s official selection for the sappy ballad of the month and all I can do is shake my head. It saddens me that this is KoL supposedly returning to their rock roots. Mechanical Bull is a soulless statue with no shapes or features. KoL used to cut like a knife, now their more like a spoon. You never bring a spoon to a knife fight.

Favorite Tracks: “Supersoaker”