in The Vault

This whole month is about man-on-man action… Let me start over. We’ve all heard about “Manuary” from places like college campuses and Urban Dictionary. Manuary is the time of year where men grow out facial hair and assert their masculinity to an almost homoerotic degree. Though it would make more sense to devote this month to nothing but “mustache movies” whatever that is. I’m going to focus on movies that just exude a memorable kind of manliness. Since there are so many macho action movies I tried to focus on a few things. One, it couldn’t be too obvious. No Rambo, no Predator, no Commando. Two, I only picked movies I’d never seen. Three, I tried to go with older movies, no particular reason. Four, most of the films I went with I assume most people haven’t seen, but have probably at least heard of. The four films I picked all exude manliness in different ways and though I’ll barely scratch the surface of this veiny subject I look forward to diving in and juicing up!