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Grimes – Visions

Visions by Grimes is fucking weird, man. Grimes, if you didn’t know, is a Canadian lady who is only a few months older than I, and we both have put albums together in GarageBand. But while I just stick to the loops and insert very little musical know-how, Grimes has put together three allegedly great albums, including this latest one. It’s electronic, it’s cooky, and yet accessible, with some pop sensibility. Not to say this one will immediately hook you in, I think Visions definitely falls in the “grower” category. If you’re interested, the repeated listens are worth it.

Also, all the reviews written about this album talk about its theme of the real versus the digital in really pretentious terms. So that’s fun to read.

Favorite Tracks: “Genesis,” “Oblivion,” “Vowels = Space and Time”