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The ultimate test of a man’s masculinity is defying everything it stands for and being able to live with yourself afterward. That’s the test we subjected ourselves to this week on T3, as we turned from our typical Tucker Maxian ways and admitted our mancrushes. You know, those men who we admire and respect and maybe care about just a little too much. What? It’s not a big deal! We’re just really comfortable with our sexualities. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

And now that I’ve gotten the easy jokes out of the way, have a listen.

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10. Bill Murray
9. John Cusack
8. Ryan Gosling
7. Harrison Ford
6. Tom Hanks
5. Bruce Springsteen
4. Joseph Gordon-Levitt
3. Paul Rudd
2. Jon Hamm
1. George Clooney

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