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Lambchop – Mr. M

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted on the blog, and that can basically be attributed to the heavy load of school and work that I’ve been burdened with the last few weeks.  But alas, this week marks my spring break, so I’ll try and unload a couple album reviews I’ve been meaning to get out of the way.  The first comes from a Nashville band who apparently have been around since the ’90s though I’d never heard of them before hearing good things about their most recent album, Mr. M.  It’s a slightly bizarre blend of a few different genres that don’t tend to be described as bizarre, and though it hasn’t left me feeling the need to delve into Lambchop’s back catalogue, it has provided me with some nice chill-out music.

From the opening moments of this album, you get a pretty good idea of what you’re in for, as “If Not I’ll Just Die” starts with this lush orchestral interlude before lead singer Kurt Wagner mutters “Don’t know what the fuck they’re talkin’ ’bout” in his distinctly garbled tone.  And from there on you get an interesting mix of these sweeping string arrangements that compliment a sound that’s very much indebted to country, folk, jazz and to the kind of lounge-y pop that defined guys like Burt Bacharach and Tony Bennett.  So it’s kind of an unorthodox mix, but one that I think works if you like your indie rock to be a bit old-fashioned, as I usually do.

I guess my big complaint is that I have a hard time listening to music that’s so unrelentingly mellow for long stretches of time, so I can’t deny that I tend to find myself tuning out a bit towards the last few songs on Mr. M.  Still, it’s an album that blends a nice collection of genres that I kind of wish I spent more time listening to, and it’s always nice when an artist reminds you that there are other worthwhile sounds out there worth exploring.

Favorite Tracks: “2B2”, “Gone Tomorrow”, “Mr. Met”