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Seems like I usually write some kind of afterthought about Oscar night, so here we go again. Oscar vet Billy Crystal was back at the helm and even though he was a little cheesy with no shortage on movie puns, it was still a nice change of pace from last year. Anne Hathaway and James Franco? What were they thinking? Billy wasn’t really funny but at least he seems to be comfortable doing something he clearly enjoys. So hopefully the Academy will stop experimenting with strange non-comedian hosts and just let the funny people do what they do best.

The ceremony opened with movie montage (as it often does) featuring Crystal which was probably his best moment, but I still the rest of his old school approach to the classiest night in showbiz. As for who brought home the gold? I was very satisfied. Most of my personal favorites won in their respective categories, the exception being Viola Davis losing to Meryl Streep. I didn’t see The Iron Lady so I don’t know if Streep was truly deserving or if it was just the Academy throwing her bone after, but it doesn’t bother me, I’m sure she’s usually pretty darn good. But The Artist was the big winner of the night and I couldn’t be happier. When Natalie Portman or “NaPo” as Sean calls her called Jean Dujardin’s name in the best actor category? I was ecstatic, it was easily my favorite performance of the year. Really this is one of the first years in awhile where I really have no complaints. The Artist won, Bret Mckenzie won for his song in The Muppets, and now Dean Pelton from Community has an oscar fro screenwriting, let the good times roll.

  1. I call her “NatPo,” for the record.

    Ended up watching a fair amount of the show with the family, was pretty boring. Billy Crystal was underwhelming, nothing particularly amusing. Funniest moment I saw was the Dean striking the Angelina Jolie pose with his Oscar.

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