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Maid Of Dishonor


It seems like a female answer to all the bromantic raunchy comedies in recent years is something that’s been long overdue.  Well the new(ish) comedy Bridesmaids certainly delivers on that notion, and who better to deliver such a film than mega comedy producer Judd Apatow?  Still, most guys don’t seem willing to go out and see a ladies’ version of The Hangover, but me and Sean nonetheless took it upon ourselves to go out and see it together in a theater mostly packed with women.

In Bridesmaids we follow Annie, (Kristen Wiig) the former owner of a failed bakery who sees her best friend Lillian (Maya Rudolph) getting engaged, and is asked to serve as Lillian’s maid of honor.  Annie’s life starts to fall even more apart as she takes part in the pre-wedding festivities with a varied group of bridesmaids, which includes Helen (Rose Byrne), whom Annie fears has replaced her as Lillian’s best friend.

I’ve always liked Kristen Wiig, but I’ve kind of felt like she usually comes off as just kind of annoying on SNL and hasn’t yet had any particularly memorable film roles.  Well with Bridesmaids, that’s no longer an issue, because she’s pretty fantastic throughout the film.  She’s never afraid to go for broke, and for the most part she’s pretty hilarious from scene to scene.  In fact, most of the cast is pretty excellent, with the obvious stand-out being Melissa McCarthy, who basically fills the Zach Galiafanakis role of the bizarre soon-to-be sibling-in-law.

Though Bridesmaids isn’t quite overflowing with gut-busting sequences, it’s still filled with a lot of laughs, including an extending puking/defecating sequence that I’ll admit I found pretty amusing.  There’s definitely a looseness to a lot of the scenes, many of which seem like they had to of been heavily improvised.  Sometimes this does tend to make the film’s pacing lag a little bit, but honestly I didn’t really mind, considering the film is filled with characters that I simply enjoyed spending time with.  And I think that attention to making believable and relatable characters as well as delivering laughs along with some heartfelt moments is always the mark of any successful Apatow production, and Bridesmaids surely has those vital ingredients.

I think every summer I’m usually looking for that one great comedy, and this summer Bridesmaids might be it, though I think it could be beat.  Still, you’d be hard pressed to find a romantic comedy (or possibly ho-mantic comedy) quite as refreshingly brazen in comparison to all the crappy rom-coms that Hollywood has been unloading on female audiences for years.

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