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The Real ApocalyPS3

If you’ve tried to take you’re PlayStation 3 online in the past week or so, you might have noticed something: you can’t. That’s because Sony was forced to shut down the PlayStation Network after a massive breach in security. According to the official blog, hackers have taken every single PSN users’ name, email address, password, location and possibly even credit card information. All 77 million PSN users are now at risk for identity theft.

What’s worse, we can’t play our games. I was looking forward to playing Portal 2 coop all last weekend, but the network was down and remains down as Sony is forced to rebuild their entire network. There are people who have online game subscriptions that can’t get online right now, this downtime is literally costing them money.

The identity of the hackers is unknown. Anonymous had threatened to hack Sony in the past, but it seems unlikely that it was them, since they seem more interested in sticking it to the man than stealing from the innocents. Also they’ve denied being responsible and condemned the hack, so there’s that. Even Geohot, Sony’s previous public enemy number one, said the attack made the hacking community look bad.

There are rumors that PSN might be up again next week. Sony has quite the hole to dig themselves out of, what with mainstream press and even congress criticizing the corporation for letting this happen. This has led a lot of people to discuss how Sony will compensate everyone at PSN who was inconvenienced by this situation. There’s even a class action lawsuit.

While I think that reaction (my ID was stolen? Free stuff, please) is weird, Sony is going to have to do something to bring people back to PSN. I have a PS3 and I want to play on it, so I’m certainly going to be back as soon as I can be, but I’m not sure I’d be comfortable putting my credit card information in. I’m certainly not going to use my new password, which I came up with because of this hack, for my PSN account. But I already favored my 360 anyway.

What about the people who only play PS3? Do you expect some sort of compensation from Sony? Will you just stop going online? Has the outage affected you, or did you not notice at all? The vocal minority is rightly enraged, but I have to wonder what the common man knows and thinks about this ridiculous situation.

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