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Gimme Some Lovin’

Peter Bjorn and John – Gimme Some

I have to get this post in before April Fool’s Day or it will just seem like a joke. Anyways, last tuesday saw the release of Swedish trio Peter Bjorn and John’s sixth album Gimme Some. Known most recently for their indie experimentation on album’s like Writer’s Block and Living Thing (very controversial among the DaMorgue staff) PBJ have gone back to the one-two punch sound of their first two albums. Three guys, three instruments, and less than 40 minutes, this is rock at it’s most primal.

My theory on this return to form has to do with the band’s live set. PB&J tend to perform as a three piece, yet there album’s have been getting more and more complicated (I have no idea who they managed to play some of the tunes of their last album) so it makes sense that they’d return to a sound that they’d actually be able to replicate.

The result is fresh approach to familiar rock stylings that entertains while not deviating too far from the oddball nature of this trio. The songs are simple yet still stand among some of PB&J’s best recordings to date. “Second Chance” would appear to be the closest the group has had to a “hit” song since “Young Folks”. I say that because of the amount of air play it’s received on the radio and on TV. As a matter of fact the first six songs are pop perfection, which is a shame as the last five kind of blur together. I blame this on Bjorn and John as it appears their own so-so compositions made up the last half of the album, though either way it balances out to some easily digestible rockin’ good stuff.

Favorite Tracks: “Breaker, Breaker”, “Eyes”, “Tomorrow Has to Wait”

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