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Different Gear, Still Sucking

Beady Eye – Different Gear, Still Speeding

A Noel Gallagher-less Oasis is like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles without Leonardo, they can still fight, but without a born leader they’ll never defeat Shredder. Though I can’t say I was surprised when Noel left Oasis in 2009, I can say I’m surprised it didn’t happen about 12 years before that. Possibly the biggest media sibling rivalry since Gallagher the comedian and Gallagher II, this was bound to happen eventually. There’s only so long a dick (Noel) and an even bigger dick (Liam) can be around each other, they’re like too negative ions trying to bond, just ain’t gonna happen. So Noel was like “I’m tired of this shit” and left, now we have Beady Eye and I wish we didn’t.

I was definitely open to the idea of a Noel Gallagher-less Oasis, don’t get me wrong I love Noel, but I was definitely curious to see how much weight he actually pulled in this band. What could Liam, Andy, Gem, and whoever their drummer is now have cookin’ in the kitchen? It’s a big ‘ol batch of vomit soup. Well no that’s harsh, let’s say vomit soup with a hint of lemon.

Okay so it’s not that bad, but man is this one long, forgettable, blur of generic rock if I’ve ever heard one. Steve Lilywhite’s (U2, Big Country) production provides a big rock atmosphere but Beady Eye just doesn’t have the songs to fill that space. I like the basic Piano-driven groove of “Bring the Light” even if it is a tad predictable, but everything else is just devoid of inspiration and originality. I mean if these were the 13 songs they went with what did they turn down? Not to mention some of these songs sound awfully familiar.

“The Roller is” strikingly similar to “Instant Karma” while “Beatles and Stones” is a chord away from being “My Generation”. I don’t mind when a song bears a slight resemblance to a preexisting song, as long as it’s good but these seem more like they thought “How much do you think we can change of this song until it sounds like a new song?” Now try to get through that mindset for over 50 minutes, about 20 minutes too long if you ask me.

Maybe I’d like this album if I gave it more of a chance, but I really don’t wanna. Simply put this feels more like the tattered remnants of once great band than just a new good band, I’m sure whatever Noel delivers will be better than this, at least I hope.

Favorite Track: “Bring the Light”


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