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30 Rock – “¡Qué Sorpresa!”

Is it weird that comedy TV has turned me into a Brian Williams fan? Every time B Dubs shows up on The Daily Show or 30 Rock, he makes me laugh. I know very little of his actual work. This week he showed up as a gossip once again, but what really got me was at the very end of the episode, with he pitch about some sort of lizard men TV show, starring him. That a scene like that exists in the first place is exactly why I am such a fan of 30 Rock.

As usual, there are a lot of threads to follow, but the main one involves Jack enlisting Liz to go shopping with Avery. They get spotted by one of Avery’s coworkers, so Liz has to pretend she’s the pregnant one. Since no one in the office can be trusted, Liz has to perpetuate the story, going as far a having a demeaning pregnant lady photo shoot. This is all because Jack’s meeting with his new Kabletown boss and is worried about his future with NBC. Fortunately, with the help of the elderly Kenneth, Jack proves himself and regains job security. Also, Tracy and Jenna celebrate that they are friends now, then get into an argument over a sweater.

I wonder how long Elizabeth Banks will stick around? She was only in one scene this week, despite being a big deal movie star. It’s weird having a show were the two main characters are involved with celebrities that obviously can’t be on the show that often. But I guess Elizabeth Banks did stick around on Scrubs for a while, and this is the same channel and was the same time slot as Scrubs

I liked this episode, but in the end not much of it was really too memorable for me. Liz’s photo shoot was pretty funny. Jack’s plot has a couple good moments. Maybe it’s because the show isn’t on until 10 and I’m just overloaded with TV comedy by the time I get to 30 Rock.

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