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Speakin’ Da King’s English

I feel like this post gets harder to write every year. So either I’m getting lazier, or I’m still a little disoriented by all the chocolate cream pie and cream soda.

So another year, another Oscar ceremony in the can and thus my yearly reflection of the night of a thousand stars. To start I thought I’d mention that this year friends and I definitely made an event out of the Oscars. I’m talking snack platters, wings, dip, and even some sweet, sweet, cream pie. Everyone had their ballots and we were ready for laughs and excitement, of which we unfortunately received very little. This could be due in part to many factors, but I’m gonna start with the most evident. I mean I like James Franco and Anne Hathaway as much as the next person, but it takes a certain kind of personality to host the Oscars and tonight we just didn’t get that.

Didn’t the Oscars learn anything after the so-so Hugh Jackman hosting gig? I mean he had a pretty good opening bit, but his lacking comedic skills basically made the rest of the night a forgettable blur. So what did they do the next year? They played it safe and got Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin and the results? It was great! So I guess that means it was the “duo formula” that made it work? Wrong, it’s because they were veteran performers with great comedic chops and you can’t just force that kind of comedic timing out of anyone. I don’t think I laughed once at the forced antics of Franco and Hathaway and almost couldn’t watch all the nervous laughter and dead air. Though even more so I think you can blame this year’s Oscar producers.

Oh yeah the actual nominees… Uh well, I did alright on my picks (about 13 for 24) but there were a few mild surprises. I was surprised by Fincher’s snub, but I could tell early on it was shaping up to be The King’s Speech’s night. I was surprised to see Randy Newman pick up another oscar for Toy Story 3 and Rick Baker nab his seventh makeup oscar for The Wolfman I mean that movie totally sucked, but I’ve always loved Baker’s work.

Hmm, I seem to be drawing a blank but overall it was a bit of a disappointing oscar ceremony. Few too laughs and not enough F-bombs, something to consider for next year I suppose.

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