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Michael in the City

The Office – “The Search” 

The thing that bothers me most about The Office is that I’ve rather enjoyed it these past few episodes. It’s not really the same show it was in the beginning, not nearly that good. But after a lengthly lackluster streak, I’ve been having a good time with what the show has done lately. Maybe that’s because there’s been a noticeable effort to push Jim and Pam to the side to focus on the funnier characters, namely Andy and Daryl. Whatever it is, it’s working, and I’m learning to accept the reality that we’ll have a version of the show soon without Michael.

Speaking of Michael, this episode sees him abandoned by Jim downtown. Without a wallet or cell phone, Michael quickly gives in to life on the streets, begging and stealing just to stay alive. The office dispatches Holly, Erin and Dwight to find their missing leader. This allowed for some good character development for the two women, as Erin finally begins to understand why Michael loves Holly so much and we get to see just how alike Holly and Michael are. Dwight’s just there to be silly. In the end, Holly finds Michael and the two kiss. Looks like we’ll be able to wrap up Michael’s story very neatly, I get the impression Steve Carell is not going to be coming back to this show.

Meanwhile, back at the actual office, a cartoon of Pam’s has sparked a caption contest, one that Gabe is not a fan of. Gabe, being a company man, can’t allow the rest of the office to make jokes at Sabre’s expense. So they start making really mean jokes about Gabe. I feel bad for Gabe, the show has gone out of its way to turn him into kind of a Toby, but for everyone in the office to hate instead of just Michael. This subplot wasn’t really doing it for me, but it was fine I guess. I would have preferred more of Michael being a moron in the city, though.

So, there you a go. Another solid episode from The Office. Of course nothing can top the amazing cold open with David Brent last weekend, but I don’t think that’s meant to be topped. I’m just happy that I can enjoy this show while it’s still on.


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