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Long Live Zorp

Parks and Recreation – “Time Capsule”

Man I love me some Parks and Recreation. The show has one of the best ensembles of characters on TV right now and it handles them so well. While it’s been hard to say goodbye to Mark and it’s been a little weird that Leslie has been acting like she’s the boss, it all makes sense if you’re used to the characters. I think even the seemingly one-beat characters Chris and Ben are coming into their own in a fun way.

So the Parks Department, despite supposedly being in Harvest Festival mode, found time to put together a time capsule. They’re filling it with important objects, such as every motto the city has had, recited from memory by Leslie, when Kelly (Will Forte) shows up and demands a spot for Twilight inside. When it’s clear he won’t get his way, Kelly handcuffs himself in Leslie and Tom’s office. Tom, having broken up with Lucy, is seduced by the power of Twilight and soon Leslie is trapped in a hellish world of Twilight gossip. So she gives in to Kelly’s demands. This opens the floodgates for the rest of the town’s crazies, eventually leading to a hilarious meeting in which it becomes clear the town will need more than one capsule.

Meanwhile, Andy is still trying to win April over, and Chris decides to help him. This leads to Andy befriending Eduardo, which ruins that relationship for April. You know, I thought Eduardo was all right, it’s sad to see him go so soon, but I guess it’s good in the grand scheme of things, we don’t necessarily need a whole season of more unrequited love between Andy and April.

Yep, another great episode from a great show. In fact, Parks and Rec probably generated my biggest laugh of the night, when Ron talked about his favorite thing to order at his favorite restaurant: “The Four Horse-Meals of the Meat-Pork-Alypse.” Now we just need to get that stupid couples show out of the way.