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Easy Like Sunday Morning

I missed the chance last year, but the year before that I did a fairly extensive Super Bowl recap here on the DaMorgue. I’m not going to do that, but I see no harm in expressing a few thoughts regarding this annual sports phenomenon that is the Superbowl.

First off I guess, there’s the teams the Steelers and the Packers. Nothing really that compelling about that matchup, just two good teams. Naturally I leaned towards the Packers, I mean the Steelers have enough Superbowl titles and does anybody really like Big Bad Ben Roethlisberger? Whatever, I didn’t care much about the outcome, all I ever ask for is that it’s a good game and it was fine. My favorite part was that terrible Steelers missed field goal from like 53 yards away, ha, ha, I bet that guy was pretty bummed.

Suppose I’ll address that halftime show next. First one to feature a modern group since nipplegate so I expected it to suck. So it did suck, I mean shouldn’t real music come from ya know, people that are good musicians? I feel like the Black Eyed Peas might as well of been doing karaoke. It doesn’t help that none of them are really that talented of singers, or anything for that matter. They didn’t even have enough of their own songs to fill up the performance (insert Slash) for a subpar tribute to GnR.

What I was surprised to hear is that almost EVERYONE agreed this year’s halftime show really sucked, feels good to be a part of that consensus. I understand halftime organizers were tired of using comatose rock geezers for their show, but at least those comatose rock geezers know how to sing and usually have good songs, something to keep in mind for next year.

Commercials… Another popular aspect of Superbowl mania, but one that rarely catches my interest. I mean I usually like the new movie trailers, definitely excited to get a look at Captain America (Which appears to be utilizing a little Benjamin Button technology) but most of the commercials just seem to try too hard. Cramming in superstars like Justin Bieber and Kenny G. can only take you so far, can’t think of a single standout commercial. Definitely a lot of violent slapstick stuff, meaning lots of ads where people get hurt in the head and or nuts. I was surprised to see a lack of off-the-wall beer commercials, those guys usually bring their A-game but I don’t know, maybe they were all drunk or something.

Despite all my cantankerous bickering I like watching the Superbowl. It’s a great opportunity to just to kick back with some salty snacks and watch some good ol’ football. Basically it’s just an excuse to hang out, be lazy and in the words of Spicoli “Hey bud, let’s party!”

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