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C.A.T: Elephant

The White Stripes- Elephant (2003)

Seems uninspired to do such a popular album, but at the same time it makes me realize something. It’s only been about seven years and this album is already considered a classic. Time flies I suppose, but I have so many fond memories of this album. I can clearly remember it’s popularity and how ti affected the youngins’.

“Seven Nation Army”, more or less the “Smoke on the Water” of it’s time. Almost everyday in my Junior High guitar class someone just had to be playing that hypnotic riff. I was cool, I was more into playing “The Hardest Button to Button” with Ryan Moore. Not many albums give me such distinct memories of yesteryear, but this does. It’s also amazing that it has such staying power, perhaps it’s just the raw simplicity of this garage rock duo.

Jack White is just so unlike any rocker before or after him. His playing and singing or so distinct and he can really tap into some primal emotions with his songwriting. Leave it to his ability as a songsmith to weave together such an eclectic batch of songs. You got punk, blues, rock, a Burt Bacharach cover and yet I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s a real joy re listening to this after so many years, but it’s just as good, if not better than ever.

Favorite Tracks: “Girl You Have No Faith in Medicine”, “The Hardest Button to Button”, “I Just Don’t Know What to Do with Myself”


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