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Brian Wilson – Brian Wilson Reimagines Gershwin

Pop Genuis Brian Wilson is back with this tribute to one of his greatest influences the legendary George Gershwin. Stepping into the studio with his polished backing band, WIlson covers 12 Gershwin classics along with two completions of unfinished Gershwin numbers. Beautifully produced this isn’t as exciting as a new album of new Wilson material but it’s still a pleasant entree into the already prestigious Wilson library.

Initially I didn’t think Gershwin’s tunes would translate that well to rock/pop but I had to remind myself that these were “Re imaginings” and after a good listen I think Wilson put a clever spin on some of these show-tune favorites. Though part of me feels like this is aimed more at Gershwin fans than Wilson fans and in that case my interest wains. I have a lot of respect for Gershwin but as good as his music is it can feel occasionally dated when put to a rock and roll rhythm. Of course you still have the classic surf “Oohs” and intricate arrangements that Wilson has become famous for, but they only go so far with this material.

That aside it’s nonetheless impressive from a production standpoint. Sure it can get overly sentimental with it’s romantic/theatrical broadway feel but I think that was the idea. So in that case it’s nice for what it is but it’s not necessarily my cup of tea. Honestly the moments that sound less like Gershwin and more like Wilson are my favorite parts but I still think it was an intriguing concept. Wilson has already written enough great songs in his career, maybe it was time he reminded us of the talents of another musician.

Favorite Tracks: “Nothing But Love”, “Someone to Watch Over Me”, “They Can’t Take That Away from Me”


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