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Best Coast – Crazy For You

I didn’t want this to be the first one post week ever, so I guess I’ll take a look at some of the tunes I’ve been listening to lately. The first is a charming little debut from L.A. trio Best Coast. Basically I’m a sucker for albums like this, as last year I found myself falling for the wistfully optimistic sounds of Girls’ debut album, and now Crazy For You is having a similar effect on me. In fact, the opening lyrics of both these albums are suspiciously similar.

This is an album taylor-made for this time of year, I mean just look at that cover. This is a summer album tried and true. There’s also a certain amount of surf rock inflected on this album’s that’s chocked full of simple lo-fi pop songs that usually come in at about 2 minutes in length. There isn’t really a whole lot going on here, just a whole bunch of catchy songs delivered in hopelessly romantic fashion by lead singer/songwriter Bethany Cosentino.
I guess the one thing that’s easy to harp on about this album is Cosentino’s almost naively simplistic lyrics. Lines like “Drive me crazy but I love you/make me lazy but I love you” aren’t exactly Shakespeare, but when the music is so damn heartfelt it’s pretty easy to just go with it. I mean it’s the same kind of stuff you found in early Beach Boys songs, and this has that same endearing simplicity to it.
I almost want to give this album a higher rating, because I’m pretty darn charmed by it. But deep inside I know this isn’t the first album of this sort that I’ve heard and it probably won’t be the last, but that won’t keep me from enjoying every minute of it.
Favorite Tracks: “Goodbye”, “When The Sun Don’t Shine”, “Bratty B”