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C.A.T: War

U2 – War (1983)
U2 already had a “Classic Album Tuesday” but you know what? Screw it. I already reviewed one of my favorite albums from 1983 many months ago, so today is another dosage of Ireland’s favorite sons. Still continuing the year-by-year countdown we come to 1983, marking the release of my favorite U2 album.

An album of strong political themes with a hard rock edge, War would become U2’s first #1 album and spawn two of the band’s most successful singles of the 80s. Like a group charging off to battle, U2 is brimming with angst and attitude on their third album that despite it’s 80s packaging still holds up beautifully.

Obviously you have to love the hits here, U2 classics like “Sunday Bloody Sunday”, “New Years Day” and in some countries “Two Hearts Beat as One.” Though every track seems to carry on the same kind of passion and energy, it never slows down and let’s you rock out while giving you something to think about too.

Normally I don’t care for bands with a political agenda but with U2 it feels more genuine. “Sunday Bloody Sunday” for instance chronicles a true massacre that happened in their own country while they were growing up. These are things they’ve in ways experienced or been surrounded by in someway, therefore it feels natural.

I believe War to be one of this band’s greatest works and perhaps the best album to start with if you’re considering listening to the band for the first time, yeah yeah yeah!

Favorite Tracks: “New Year’s Day”, “Seconds”, “Sunday Bloody Sunday”