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T3: Return of the King… Of Monsters

(This is not related to April Fool’s Day)
For anyone who religiously follows IMDb or any kind of movie site you’ve probably heard that Legendary Pictures recently purchased the rights to Godzilla. Working closely with Japanese Producers, a 2012 release date has been set for a new installment. Seeing that the last American Godzilla was so untrue to the character here are my thoughts on what would make a new Godzilla movie actually worth watching.

No particular order here just a few of my suggestions.

10. Set it in Japan
Godzilla is to Japan like Ford Trucks are to America. He’s one of the most identifiable characters of Japanese Pop Culture so keep him in his own neck of the woods. It just won’t be Godzilla if he’s not puttin’ the smack-down on Osaka.

9. 3D You Wanna See
I’ve been a little weary about all this unnecessary 3D lately but this is one that’s got to have 3D and it better be damn good. I’m tired of all these last minute cash-ins so this better have damn good 3D, like Beowulf good. BEOWULF!!!

8. Seeing Stars
You don’t want to weigh this down with too many stars. Big name celebs could detract from our main focal point which is the monster himself. I’d prefer to see maybe one star with a cast of asian character actors but it doesn’t seem likely.

7. I Have the Power!
Remember how in the American version Godzilla didn’t have any powers? That sucked, you got to have his atomic breath or fire blast attacks. That stuff is beyond bad-ass, I don’t care if it doesn’t make sense nothing about Godzilla makes sense so have fun with it.

6. No Hide and Seek
I don’t want any trailers of Godzilla’s foot or just his tail like the advertising campaign for the 98′ American version. I want to know right off the bat what we got here. I want to be reassured that Godzilla will look like Godzilla, alright?

5. Homage
Wow it’s hard to come up with ten of these. So this one is basically to make sure it pays it’s respects to the original series. You know through little hints and details maybe use the Toho logo, though I’m not clear on their evolvement. Little comedic touches and stuff that most people wont notice but others will greatly appreciate.

4. Traditional Tunes
You got to love Akira Ifukube’s iconic theme and if that’s not in this movie somewhere, someone is about to get straight up murdered.

3. Period Piece
Not Really important and probably fairly unlikely would be to set this in the 1950s. Personally I’d love to see a retro look, plus you could still use the original origin story. I’ve always loved how the original tied Godzilla into the whole aftermath of the A-Bomb droppings. I’d love to see that revisited somehow.

2. Original Recipe
If I can recall one of the first things to piss people off about the 98′ Godzilla was that Godzilla looked like an Iguana. Why change him so dramatically? He already looks awesome so why did they do that? All I can think of is that they wanted him to look more believable (which is already ridiculous.) Or to design him so that he could run and swim faster but who cares about his speed? He’s like a hundred feet tall is that not enough? So let’s keep him traditional, no need for another Jurassic Park knockoff.

1. One Monster to Rule Them All
: As much as I’d love to see all of Godzilla’s classic foes back on the silver screen you got to start it simple. We don’t know how well this could work so why not start out with just the G-man? I know it doesn’t sound too exciting but you don’t want to overwhelm everybody with a bunch of other shit right off the bat. If it’s good you can always work your way up to other monsters. Though there’s always the outside chance they can make it work with two monsters… Only time can tell.

For the most part I’m optimistic I mean it’s Godzilla after all. Personally I didn’t even hate the U.S.’ Godzilla though I was disappointed with a lot of the changes they made. So can the same company behind The Dark Knight revitalize the King of the Monsters? As long as there’s no “Baby Godzillas” I’ll be happy.