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The Balcony is Closed… Again

“RIP At the Movies” beloved critic Roger Ebert tweeted yesterday. For the long-running series has been cancelled, with the last episode to air August 14 this year.

You may remember when I posted a similar post a couple years ago, about Roeper and Ebert leaving the show. We thought for sure that was the end for the series. And it seemed that way too, with sellouts “The Bens” taking over hosting duties, the legendary critical forum took a lengthy hiatus from quality conversation in favor of gimmicky garbage.

But things were looking up when actually knowledgeable critics Michael Phillips and A.O. Scott wrestled the reigns away from those morons. The show returned to its original form, sure there were no thumbs, and Phillips and Scott were no Ebert and Siskel, or even Roeper, but it gave us something to watch. Now we must cherish it for the few months it’s left.

There are many concerns that come with this cancellation. What will happen to Sure, maybe a weekly review show cannot compete with the likes of Rotten Tomatoes, but that web archive deserves to exist. When the show does end, we’ll still have, where we can see Roeper talk about movies and occasionally say naughty words. Additionally, Ebert says he’s working on a new show called Roger Ebert presents At the Movies, which will feature the return of thumbs. Let’s hope so.