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OK Go – Of the Blue Colour of the Sky

This album came out a few months ago but it took me awhile to finally sit down and give it a listen. So everybody’s favorite viral video masters OK Go are back with album number three. Being only a casual fan I didn’t have any real expectations for this release. To me OK Go is more of a “single ” band than an “album” band if that makes any sense. They could have a respectable compilation or greatest hits CD in the future but their albums usually leave me feeling well, meh. Of the Blue Colour of the Sky has a handful of amusing tracks but no big breakout tracks. Basically it evens out to be a so-so experience.

In the past OK Go have reminded me of something like an Elvis Costello inspired party rock band. Though this time I feel like something is different about this Chicago foursome. Lead singer/guitarist Damian Kulash uses far more whispery falsetto vocals than usual and there’s almost a disco-esque style to the arrangements. It’s like they’ve evolved from party rock to synthy dance rock but it’s only occasionally interesting.

It be damn impossible for Ok Go to achieve the same kind of success as on Oh No but there’s still some fun tracks here. “WTF?” is the leadoff number and it’s pleasant enough with it’s fuzzy bass, crunchy beat and funky guitars. Though it’s the track “This Too Shall Pass” that’s been attracting the most attention with it’s hook and awesome music video, they never disappoint in that department. “Back From Kathmandu” is a personal fav, I never thought this band could’ve had the potential to master the art of the acoustic ballad but they nailed it. When it comes down to it Of the Blue Colour of the Sky is just fine, not great, not bad, just fine or should I say… “Ok”? Nonetheless I’m still pumped that they’ll be at Sasquatch the same day as the crew and I.

Favorite Tracks: “Back From Kathmandu”, “This Too Shall Pass”, “White Knuckles”

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