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Just want to wish a happy birthday to Colin aka C-Wall. We’ve kind of run out of ideas for birthday related posts so I’ll just say have a good one and use this venue for a few other brief announcements. So everyone can know the current status of the latest “The Morgue” episode, it’s getting closer to completion by the hour. Paul and I got new software and a new computer but it’s been taking us awhile to edit this one sketch. It’s basically the best/most epic fight scene we’ve ever done. There’s a lot of detail put into the visuals and it’ll be grand, Paul has dubbed the sketch “iNoon”. We’ve been editing non-stop for three or four days so it’ll be out sometime this week.

Aside from that I heard about this site that I feel like I should of already known about. It’s called The Maltin Game.. Does that ring a bell to anyone? Apparently it’s based on Leonard Maltin’s movie review books somehow. Basically you have to guess a movie by being given the cast list in reverse order and a few other clues. It’s freaking impossible even for me, at least most of the time but I don’t know… Felt like it was worth mentioning.

I might do an oscar post soon before the big day but I’m not 100% on that. There’s some other stuff I’m contemplating but we’ll see how the week unravels, see ya all in cyberspace, have a good one C-Man.

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