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Update Shmupdate

Wow no new posts for awhile now. I guess nothing has really been going on but I just can’t stand these post droughts. I would of wrote about the Super Bowl, like I did the past few years but I had to miss it to work. Paul and I are currently editing a new “The Morgue” video while simultaneously buying a new computer this week (Strictly for video projects.) So the next installment will probably done by around early March but I hope for earlier.

Got some neat flicks coming up; The Wolfman and Shutter Island so they’ll probably be some reviews coming up. I was trying to think of an idea for some kind of list or interesting post soon. I can’t wait for baseball season so I can finally do my “Best Baseball Movies” list. I guess it’s good I put it off so now I can see Sugar and maybe even The Perfect Game, due out finally in March. It’s a movie about a Mexican little league team that’s supposedly finally making it to theaters after floating around nowhere for like a year.

In other news I’ve been thinking about abandoning my personal blog out of laziness. I just don’t have it in me to write both here and there, so I may just stop posting there. Until that I hope everyone is having a proud “Black History Month”. Remember to embrace that by uhh… Watching lots of The Cosby Show, though I guess that’s a pretty offensive thing to say.