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Crap Out

Cop Out

I was trying to cheer up a friend by bringing him to a comedy movie earlier today. Plus I hadn’t seen a 2010 movie yet, and seeing as it will be March soon, I wanted to get in there and see something. Sadly, my choice was the Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan vehicle Cop Out, a movie about as clever and funny as it’s original title, A Couple of Dicks.

This picture was written by a couple of dicks, Mark and Robb Cullen, famous for creating forgotten TV show Gary the Rat. Kevin Smith directs, which is a shame, because the dude deserves to be doing better work than this. But the real reason anyone would see this movie are the stars.

Willis and Morgan play the cliche buddy cops who get suspended and end up taking the law into their own hands. They don’t have much chemistry at all. Tracy Morgan is forced to play a real doofus, and Bruce Willis is doing his generic tough cop, except without witty one-liners or really anything interesting to say. Frankly, I preferred the Adam Bordy/Kevin Pollack team, at least the had a dynamic and seemed to be doing a sort of genre satire. There are other funny people in the movie too, but they don’t get to do anything amusing.

The movie opens with the most entertaining scene in the whole thing, where Tracy Morgan interrogates a suspect by doing movie lines. After that the movie gets less funny, a little surreal, and eventually descends into basically what it was supposed to be parodying.

So if you have a ton of disposable income, want to see a couple funny moments and not be totally bored for a couple hours, I guess give Cop Out a shot. It’s really not worth seeing, I’m sure you could find something better to do. Like taking a nap.