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A Person is Born

Just thought I’d let everyone know that the first episode of “The Morgue” has been uploaded to Youtube. There’s one part where it makes this weird noise and the music for the Richard Muscle segment was accidentally misplaced but aside from that it’s all there in glorious HD (Paul will upload a retouched one tomorrow). Yes after over a month of let’s say “Post Production” the first episode of “The Morgue” named in honor of this very blog has been finished. It was a long and hard road with this one, the most technical problems I’ve seen on any of our videos; from Paul’s computer getting infected with a virus, to complications with the video’s size and HD quality. There’s still those two itsby bitsy problems I mentioned earlier but Paul already knows how to fix those, so let’s keep this on the hush hush before we show anyone else.

But all this may have you wondering “What’s the future of this series?” Well the big plan is that later this year, Spring or early Summer, Paul and I are going to be buying a new computer just for movies, new (non-pirated) software and a new camera. Yes we have the money to do all that but until than we’ll have to take it slow if we want this kind of quality. Anyhow hope you enjoy what we all worked very hard on.

P.S. I’m already planning another episode this month, so let’s work to try and keep this thing alive.