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The Backwards Man

Hey gang, well I have to wake up excruciatingly early tomorrow but before I hit the hay, how about I post a link to a video project I did for school? For our first video in my video foundations class (thus far we’ve only done photography) we were supposed to do a video that we believe captures the spirit of silent filmmaker George Melies. Mainly were supposed to concentrate on his use of pioneering visual effects. So I decided to use a bunch of reverse effects due to the fact that it’s visually intriguing and humorous. I think my video kind of strayed from being anything similar to a Melies short but it’s good enough and it’s only about a million times better than anyone else’s video. I don’t want to be a jerk but that’s just the truth.

For a year or so I’ve been telling Sean that someday I’d make a video where I eat a sandwich in reverse and I guess this it. So here’s a link to my video “The Backwards Man.”


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