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Hey how about a fun post with no particular relevance to anything current? I remember back in September when Sean made a post on his blog of movies with similar posters. When I saw that it triggered my memory back to when I saw this dvd of a Stephen Dorff movie. At first I thought it was the Bourne Identity until I realized it just looked strikingly similar. That got me to thinking about other movie posters and dvds with similar designs, why does that happen? Is it to trick someone into buying the crappy straight to dvd movie? “Well it looks like Bourne Identity maybe it’s as good as Bourne Identity“. It’s not easy tracking these down but here are a few I’ve seen over the years and a couple of others I just discovered.

I’ll bet you anything that this one wasn’t a coincidence. Who the hell would want to see an espionage thriller with Stephen Dorff? If it wasn’t for that cover I bet it would never get rented but confuse people and that’s money in the bank. Similar colors a target in the middle. Actually the movie poster for Bourne (I used the dvd cover) also has a girl running behind Matt Damon, hmm interesting.

I’m not sure how this one went down. At first glance you’d be like “Another straight to dvd movie ripping off a more popular movie” but this I’ll Believe You thing came out first. About a year beforehand with a theatrical limited release, yet their dvds are like clones… Is somebody ripping someone off? Either way you can’t deny their similarity in the various boxes with actors heads, conspiracy?

I think this one was purely an accident. Who gives a shit about Sphere? That movie sucked so I doubt this other crappy looking flick attempted to copy it. Though you have to admit it’s amusing how similar they turned out. Both feature three actors heads in a placement with a crescent shape dividing them between some sort of sci-fi image, out of this world.

Maybe this one is stretching it a little but I always thought these looked similar. A silhouette in a blue aura surrounded by black? I think there’s something going on here.

I think this one is my favorite, it’s like a complete knockoff down to every detail. Is Gone in Sixty Seconds even that good of a movie? Are they really trying to bring in that crowd, fool people into thinking this is some kind of sequel or is in any way related? You can’t make that stuff up.

That’s all folks, at least that’s all I could think of/find at the moment. If anyone likes this than perhaps I’ll do another one sometime, if I can find more knockoffs which I probably can, Otteni out.

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