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Get Your Chart On

I tweeted about this site a little while ago (hey, it just occurred to me that we don’t have Twitter links anywhere on this blog, let me fix that), but there’s this cool website out there now called Flickchart that I think you movie people out there should investigate.

Flickchart lets you compare two movies.  You are presented with two posters, and chose the movie you prefer.  This works toward creating your overall movie rankings, with your top 20 films of all time always displayed.  You can also rank a year, decade, or genre, but work on that list also influences your overall list too.  As anyone who has ever bothered to give star ratings to movies on a site like Facebook or Netflix will tell you, this can get really addictive.

Here, there’s this added level of desperation to help your favorite movies climb the list.  You can’t assign a spot to a movie, you just get to keep comparing them.  So some interesting stuff happens.  For example, Men in Black has been consistently in my top five movies of all time, just because the right film hasn’t come up for comparison.

No, the website is not perfect and you will tend to keep getting the same comparisons over and over, but it’s really addictive and a great time-waster.  And I really wanted to get us up to six posts this week.

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