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Beatlemania: Sean’s Fav Beatles Songs

Oh man, with the Beatles catalog I would have trouble doing a top 25. But a top 10? Forget about it. There are so many songs I love that just missed the list, from rockers like “Paperback Writer” to the greatness that is Ringo’s “With a Little Help from My Friends.” Surely the moment after I post this I’ll realize I’ve done it all wrong. I’ll probably regret it later, but here’s my top 10.

10. “Eight Days a Week”
I find it funny that the Fab Four didn’t really like this song that much. I don’t understand why, it’s really good.

9. “Here Comes the Sun”

George was responsible for a number of killer tunes with the band; it’s hard to beat that brilliant solo in “Something” or the sheer beauty of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.” This song does. Everything works, the gentle guitar, that awesome synthesizer, the joyous vocals. Wonderful.

8. “In My Life”
John and Paul were just a little older than me when they authored this gem. That really makes me respect the almost profound observations they make about life and love. On top of that the guitar part and the piano solo are really good.

7. “Come Together”
What I love about this song is that you might not even think it was a Beatles song if you hadn’t heard it before. It’s dark, it’s groovy, it’s my number eight.

6. “Let It Be”
I am, and probably will always be, a sucker for the ballads, and this is one of the best. It’s always a joy to hear this song build from that lone piano at the beginning all the way to its triumphant finish.

5. “Can’t Buy Me Love”
But you can buy me a spot on this list.

4. “Getting Better”
This is the earliest Beatles song I can remember loving, something that has always stuck with me. There’s some great McCartney/Lennon juxtaposition here, with Paul singing, “it’s getting better all the time,” to which John answers, “it can’t get no worse.” Also, does Paul say he used to beat his woman? That’s messed up.

3. “Don’t Let Me Down”
A damn good love song. Lennon brings such a power to the tune that I can’t help but be drawn in.

2. “Hey Jude”
Remember what I said about ballads before? I meant it. This is simply one of the greatest songs ever, with a simple message about getting over your fears and embracing love. Probably the best singalong of all time.

1. “I’ve Got a Feeling”
This song is so cool. John and Paul both wrote separate songs and then the combined them into this one nifty masterwork. Once again, Paul brings the optimism, while John “had a hard year.” I love it.

Picking a favorite album is even harder. I guess, song-for-song, it might come out ahead for Abbey Road and Let It Be, but I kind of feel bad for liking the band most when they were falling apart. At different times I’ve said my favorite was The White Album and Rubber Soul too. Honestly, besides maybe Yellow Submarine, I could justify any of them as my favorite. In my life, I’ve loved them all.

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