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Beatlemania: Intro/John’s Fav Beatles Songs

In honor of the upcoming Beatles: Rock Band video game, we here at DaMorgue wanted to do a Beatles themed week. Though this week seemed to creep on us, so it’s hard to say if this will all come together…. Hey I said “Come Together” that’s funny, it’s like the song. Anyways here’s how I envisioned the week, hopefully the whole crew will be willing to participate.

Sunday – Intro/John’s favorite Beatles songs
Monday – Sean’s favorite Beatles songs
Tuesday – Colin’s favorite Beatles songs
Wednesday – Nancy’s favorite Beatles songs
Thursday – Beatles Album Retrospective or Beatles Filmography Retrospective
Friday – Beatles Album Retrospective or Beatles Filmography Retrospective
Saturday – Comments about the game (if no one has it by then we’ll just have to phone that one in.)

It seems like everyone has been pretty busy around here so I’m not sure how this will turn out. I’ll start things of with my favorite Beatles tunes (complete with Beatles related pictures). “Something” was originally my number ten until I realized I had too many songs, damn what a great catalog.

10. Julia – A bare arrangement that’s both beautiful and hauntingly sad, Lennon’s unaccompanied ode to his mother is in my opinion one of the most emotional Beatle songs out there. Lennon weaves poetic lyrics swimming in pleasant imagery and the bittersweet guitar part, based upon a style of picking known as “Travis picking” completes the experience.

9. I Should Have Known Better – One of my favorite scenes from A Hard Day’s Night is when the fab four play this while playing cards on a train. You just got to love that blend of Lennon’s bluesy harmonica along with the acoustic guitars, not to mention George’s quaint little solo. It seems like such a simple song but it’s probably my favorite from that album and film.

8. Across the Universe – Wow, a lot of Lennon on here so far. (perhaps I should rethink my choice for favorite Beatle) I’ve been a big fan of this introspective ballad ever since I heard Fiona Apple cover it for the movie Pleasantville. And it’ll always hold a place in my heart after playing it with the gang A.K.A “Big Bill and the Sexybacks” at our high school graduation. I love how it grows into such an optimistic and joyous song on the choruses… If only I could decide which version was my favorite.

7. With a Little Help From My Friends – Ringo’s friendly vocals along with a jaunty piano and nice little drum shuffle is always a recipe for fun. Songs featuring Ringo as vocalist often put me in a good mood and with such an innocent lyrical hook I’ve really grown to love this upbeat pop tune.

6. There’s a Place – Had to go back and add in this early, short but somehow beautiful song. I don’t know why this one reaches me on a deeper level but you got to love the harmonies and that sweet harmonica part, awesome.

5. You Never Give Me Your Money – Perhaps my favorite track on Abbey Road this song is epic. Shifting from part to part, I’m amazed by the masterful complexity of this McCartney tune. I love how it builds from a laid back classical intro, to an almost big band section, to rock perfection ending with a nursery rhyme like vocal pattern. Plus all those guitars just sound amazing (thank all the heavy use of Leslie speakers.)

4. I Am the Walrus – Trippy hippie nirvana, just try and wrap your mind around some of those lyrics (my favorite lyrics in a Beatles song as a matter of fact.) There’s something mysteriously dark about the the heavy strings and that freaky electric piano. All the strange sound effects only add to the atmosphere. There’s so many layers here I feel like I hear something new every time I hear it.

3. Hello, Goodbye – John didn’t think much of it but that didn’t stop it from being another number one hit. McCartney’s peppy little romp is a catchy and joyous pop masterpiece. The pianos, guitars, drums… It’s all perfect, a great melody and a great song.

2. Hey Jude – One of the band’s most heralded numbers, McCartney’s piano driven number paved the way for longer songs on the radio. Written about John’s son Julian, “Hey Jude” is an incredible piece ending with a great sing-along chrous.

1. A Day In the Life – I’ve used “epic” in a lot my descriptions but this song takes the cake. Definitely one of George Martin’s greatest feats as a producer, built around a great Lennon song and part of fun McCartney tune. It was tough to narrow down my number one but I’m completely satisfied with this pick for my top spot.

That was tiring, let’s see what else… My favorite Beatles album is tough one I’ve always been torn between Abbey Road and The White Album. I think that’s all the energy I have for now, see you on that long and winding road.