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Beatlemania: Colin’s Fav Beatles Songs

Compiling a list of just 10 of my favorite Beatles songs seemed like a pretty daunting task, but it actually took me shorter than I expected. I guess there are just some of their songs that I’ve always gravitated towards and have kept me coming back. The songs that barely missed the cut were “Norwegian Wood”, “She’s Leaving Home”, and “Happiness Is A Warm Gun”, I also felt like “Hey Jude” should’ve been somewhere on the list but took it off at the last minute.

10. Please Please Me
The Beatles’ first big hit in the UK and it already shows their ability to write a perfect 2-minute pop single. Too bad The Defenestrators could never do it justice when we attempted to cover it.
9. I Feel Fine
Besides being able to come up with really catchy vocal melodies, The Beatles were also great at coming up with awesome guitar riffs. This song has both, plus it’s supposedly the first recording to feature feedback.
8. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Just a really beautiful, moody song with some great guest guitar work by Eric Clapton. It’s seems that by this point George had pretty much reached the same level of songwriter as John and Paul, and this song demonstrates it fabulously.
7. Tomorrow Never Knows
Without a doubt the most radical song The Beatles had recorded up to this point. All those crazy tape loops combined with that constant drum pattern and John’s heavy philosophical lyrics make for a real trip.
6. Ticket To Ride
This song definitely has grown on me more over the years, at first I kind of lumped it in with the rest of their mid-60s singles. However, there’s just something about that chiming guitar and Ringo’s drum pattern, as well as that world-weary vocal delivery.
5. Let It Be
Another gorgeous ballad from McCartney that has that great anthemic quality with a bit of a gospel sound to it. Billy Preston’s work on organ doesn’t hurt either.
4. In My Life
This song definitely showed The Beatles starting to grow lyrically as well as musically. A great song for when you’re in a sentimental mood.
3. For No One
A simple but really beautiful song with a little bit more mature take on the love song. Also, I absolutely love that french horn solo.
2. A Day In The Life
Truly one of the most mind-blowingly unique songs I’ve ever heard. A great finale to an unprecedented album, and it really shows how fearless The Beatles were in their exploration of taking their music into uncharted areas.
1. Strawberry Fields Forever
This song certainly showed that The Beatles had already come a long way from their early pop records in a matter of years. And besides that, I just love the sound of this song; the driving strings, the distant horns, the pounding drums, the extensive use of the mellotron, all topped off by Lennon’s surreal lyrics.
As for the albums, Revolver has always been my favorite with either Abbey Road or Sgt. Pepper coming second, but you’ll get to see my opinion on those later, since it seems I’ve been chosen to do the album retrospecticus. As for now, it’s been a hard day’s night, and I should be sleeping like a log.


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