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A Peak at Pandora

Though I’m still packing for the DaMorgue crew (or whatever you want to call us) camping trip, I figured I’d take a minute to address this little pop culture nugget. Today, according to the internet and other nerds at Comic con is “Avatar Day”. Yes today a trailer is finally available online for James’ Cameron’s long awaited and much hyped sci-fi epic, to be released December 18. Not only that but apparently IMAX theaters will be showing an extended and free 15 minute trailer/feauturette today. I hear that sold out really fast but I’m not sure how something free sells out.

Anyways I’ve finally had the chance to witness the trailer, so here’s my scoop. For the amount of hype that James Cameron has been creating this is looks neat but it didn’t blow me away… But this is just a trailer and for the most part it looks pretty cool. I hear that seeing it online doesn’t do it justice because the film was made in and is meant to be seen in 3D, I mean Cameron and company did invent a new camera for the film and theaters will even need to receive new projectors (one of the reasons this film was pushed back.)

We don’t see a lot in the trailer but I think it’s enough to tide me over. We see shots of the alien planet “Pandora” and plenty of scenes of it’s inhabitants (the tall and blue Na’Vi) dueling it out with the humans along with our protagonist Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) getting his very own Na’vi avatar and all that fun stuff… Hopefully you already know the premise of the film, if not I suggest reading up on it because I don’t really want to do a plot synopsis right now.

It appears that the biggest complaint thus far with most people is the CGI and the Na’vi’s design. Though I’ll admit that it almost looks more like a cartoony animated film than a live-action film, I’ll bet that the “looks much better with a 3D projector comment” has plenty of truth to it. As for the almost “Disney” look of the Na’vi, I’m sure we’ll all get used to that in time, so I don’t seen any reason on getting hung up on that now.

I’m really surprised that so many folks on the web are poo-pooing this film already because of one 2:30 something minute trailer because I still think it looks very promising. Even if it’s stupid story-wise, I don’t see any possible way that the man behind Terminator 1 & 2 and Aliens could disappoint in the entertainment department… I’m pumped, Otteni out.

If you haven’t checked out the trailer there’s a handful of places to view it, if it’s not on Youtube yet I saw it at

P.S. the new trailer for The Wolfman was released too, that looks cool.

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