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Dumberer and Dumberer

Today AJ and I got together to brainstorm ideas as we occasionally do and I guess this is what we came up with. We’d been getting pretty bored from an hour or so of playing sega genesis games when we decided we’d surf the web. Logged on as Paul on facebook, our attention was suddenly drawn to one of his friends. There was just something about this guy’s hilarious misspelled and somewhat simpleminded comments that suddenly inspired us.

So we decided to change up the kid’s name a little and then make a slideshow based off of his actual facebook updates. I am not lying when I say at least 80% of what we say in this video was actually said by this kid verbatim…. And that’s basically what AJ, Paul and myself did all day and it was good fun. I’d be surprised if anyone aside from us three found it to be that funny (It’s purposefully done in an amateur styling) but hopefully it will amuse someone. If you don’t like “Richard Fatbert humor” this may not be your bag. Anyhow, I have no regrets about making this and uploading it to the internet.

P.S. “Brian Hjort” is actually the name of one of this guy’s friends…. I have no idea how to pronounce it. The title of this post is a reference to our “Film Talk” video.

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