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E3’09: Day One

Yesterday was the first official day of the E3 extravaganza, as well as the date of Nintendo and Sony’s press conferences. Since there probably wasn’t anything that will catch your attention like more info about The Beatles: Rock Band, I’ll just throw a bunch out there and see what sticks.

Nintendo was the first one up yesterday, at the early hour of nine in the morning. They announced the most retarded thing ever, Wii Vitality Sensor. You know those little clips that you put on your finger and it measures your heart rate? It’s one of those. How the Hell is a game going to use that? What is this? At least they showed off more of Wii Motion Plus, the upgrade for the Wiimote that makes capable of doing what we always wanted it to do. Sounds like and and Wii Sports Resort are going to be bundled and out soon.

Nintendo also showed off a bunch of games with their classic characters. There’s Super Mario Galaxy 2, which we all saw coming, and New Super Mario Bros. Wii, which no one saw coming. This new game is going back to classic Mario sidescrolling, with four-player simultaneous co-op included. How about that? They showed some more of that Zelda train game… Still not sure if I’m down for that. The DS is just not where I want to play Zelda. The biggest announcement of the morning was Metroid: Other M, a new sidescroller from Team Ninja, the people who brought you Ninja Gaiden. Looks great.

Sony finally announced the PSP Go!, which maybe someone will buy. It forgoes UMDs for a 16GB HD, and I guess all future games will be at retail and downloadable because of that. The PSP-3000 is staying around too. They announced a slew of new PSP games, like a Gran Turismo and the next piece in the Metal Gear Solid story.

On the PS3 front, we saw more of games we knew about, be desperately want. I’m looking at you, Uncharted 2, Assassin’s Creed 2 and God of War III. Sony also unveiled their new motion controller (that’s 3-for-3 for the press conferences), which looks like a black Wiimote with a little ball on the top of it. The ball changes color and the EyeToy is able to detected it, making for some very precise motion gameplay. It looks pretty neat, but it’s hard to compete with Project Natal at this point.

Then, in E3 fashion, the show opened up and way too much information came out. At this point, just pick a game and search for it. There’s just too much out there. But I love it.